Oh my goodness what is there to tell about us. Hmm lots I guess let's do it with pictures it'll be more fun. Below is my husband and and my oldest son Z.

Here is Z riding his bike. He really loves it and really loves being outside.

This is my mom she's my hero seriously oh and that baby. That's me :)

Here is a more recent picture of my mom she is wearing my youngest Ry :) totally making the same face in both pics :)

Ka bam this is me on a good hair day :) yay.

And now for some pics of the beloved baby carrier collection below is the butterfly.

The catbird baby mei tai yes that was comfortable wearing 35lbs on the front. Only carrier that I can honestly say was comfortable for a front carry for him weighing that much.

The ergo. Meh we sold it. I hate it. Cute but dang it hurt.

The peekaru yay for warm in the winter.

My sister wearing Ry. Yay go sister. We are 8yrs apart hence her looking soooo young cuz she is.

My husband wearing Ry.

Me wearing Ry in my beloved first pikkolo. It's almost three years old.

Sewing for the nappy shoppe when rylan was just weeks old.

35lbs of 2yo in a babyette water mesh sling.

Gotta love newborn Ry in the sleepy wrap.

Snuck Z in the sleepy wrap :) too heavy for it though. But worked fine.

What what this is where I get tricky. Tandem babywearing with two pikkolos.

Tandeming again with two pikkolos.

Pikkolo and a babyette ring sling.

Even my baby wears babies. Of course while kissing cars.

So that is us. I am cloth diaper and babywearing obsessed. I might just have more kids to continue both addictions (hey it's better than drugs right). If your curious my favorite cloth diaper brands are. Monkey Doodlez, Grovia, Sweet pea diapers, & Happy heinys. My list of carriers I've tried is as follows. Moby, beco obi (they dont make it anymore), pikkolo (my most favorite carrier ever), ergo, K'tan, sleepy wrap, boba, catbird baby mei tai, beco butterfly, beco Gemini, babyette ring sling, dr sears ring sling (sucks), I'm sure there are more that I haven't thought of but those are the ones that made an impression good or bad.