Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dads that wear their babies are awesome

I think highly of dads that are willing to wear their babies. Why? It gives the mama a break. Also they are willing to do something that is not the norm to the rest of the world. Wear a baby in a weird carrier thing.

I admit my dh has no idea how to properly use a carrier. I get him all situated everytime he wears either one of our kids. I also freaked out when he went to unbuckle the waist band with a child still in the carrier. My words "don't you dare unbuckle that he will fall right through." thankfully he didn't unbuckle. I don't think I'd be able to contain my rage if he ever let him fall.

Anyways onto a better point why is it that when dads babywear it's always captivating. Because men rarely do much of anything that women do when it comes to child rearing. I'm not saying all men just most of the men I've met. So brownie points for you if you wear your baby and are a male. Even more brownie points if your a male and you can safely use a baby carrier without help. So here's a pic of my husband and son Ry. They're using the catbird baby pikkolo. With the waist padding. It's not needed because Ry is only 13.5lbs in that pic but that's the carrier dh grabbed and it works. I have another pikkolo without the waist padding that I use for front carries. For back carries the padding is find. I detest it for front carries though. Just my personal preference. It's why a beco, ergo or anything else like that will never work for me.

You'll note Ry is a little low. Dh insists on wearing the waist belt lower than I think is necessary because "it feels weird" according to him. It does take some getting used too. Also check out my Facebook link on the side for the fan page for this blog. I've put some babywearing pics there.

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  1. I always carried my kids in a maya wrap sling... loved it.