Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dating with toddlers

So dh and I have been trying to make an effort to "date" eachother. It's going okay. One night we played about seven rounds of guess who and debated on which of the people belonged in the category with big noses and small noses. Weirdness I tell you but interesting none the less.

Last week we went out to eat. It was a huge disaster. I requested a booth because it'd be more private but holy crap!! There was stuff on the wall for Z to pick at that wasn't kid friendly. The table didn't move because it was glued to the wall so it was next to impossible to nurse Ry in the booth. By the time I got us to fit he was screaming so nursing him was a bit embarrassing because of all the stares but he had to eat so it had to be done.

Dh eats like a caveman sometimes and it's so unbelievably embarrassing. Z is two and is sometimes a better eater.

I had forgotten to bring baby food for Ry because it was kind of a last minute thing going out. So he ate some beans out of dh's soup. Which worked out ok because he loved them.

Then Ofcourse we forgot to change Z's diaper before we left and at the restaurant he drank about 16oz of watered down juice and holy crap!! Pee emergency! And Ofcourse I didn't have an extra set of pants for him.

So it was a complete and total failure of a night. And yet somehow I said yes to trying it again tonight.

We were prepared this time though. I had spare pants, babyfood and even toys to minimize grabbyness. We requested a table not a booth which rocked. Our waiter was amazing. Did some cool tricks with the coasters and the tray that dropped Z's jaw more than once. Ry sat in the highchair after I wiped it down. And it was so cute watching him play while we ate. It went wonderfully. Do I enjoy going out to eat? NO! I don't. Why? Because it's a chore to get the kids ready and there and then to feed them while we are out just sucks. But life goes on. Dh enjoys it so I do it for him.

No pics for this blog sorry was too busy waiting for all hell to break loose didn't think of taking a pic. Oh and the raspberry lemonade at olive garden rocks!! I'm done.


  1. I know what you mean - Going out to eat with two little ones is rarely enjoyable... except for the fact that I don't have to cook, and can order a glass of wine!!!

  2. Very true. Didn't order and drinks though.