Monday, January 10, 2011

Sorry I'm slow

I'm sorry that I'm slow. Really I updated that last post like oh I don't know a hundred times. I'm exaggerating of course but still I'm sorry if that was beyond annoying. I'm new at this and still learning.

Here's a mini rant just for fun. Dh took Z out to run a few errands today while Ry and I laid in bed he was asleep I was browsing twitter. He comes back and drops Z off and doesn't bother to remove his coat, hat or shoes. While he was out he buys me food "surprises". Umm hello  hate surprises. Hate them especially because they are coming from a man who thinks I like brownies or the cheap jiffy muffins. Ya they're ok but what he bough himself was some amazing cookies and I get the junk. I know I should be happy but the man doesn't listen to a single word I say ever. And when he does listen he gets it horribly wrong. Yes I'm critical but hello this man is the same man that daily tells me he'll do whatever it takes to make me happy. In the three years we've been married he's made me happy maybe ten times. That's pretty pathetic. I'm a spoiled brat I know I get it but really I've told him time and time again I do not care for brownies they aren't my thing I'd much prefer nutella or some cookies. I'm so sick of it.

On top of all this fun stuff today Ry doesn't want to eat actual food he would prefer to nurse the entire day long. Hello mommy cannot do that her boobs will fall off. Not really but still OUCH. I'm trying to get him to eat his daily portion of avocado because I'm trying to fatten him up a bit.

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  1. Hi!! I'm over from the blog hop! Thanks for the follow and I've followed back!

    Don't give up on the hubs! I had to learn they think in a totally different world than we do! lol Poor things! I was blessed with a honey that takes instruction really well *even if it did come after years of being married!* haha