Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Adventures into Cloth Diapering

Z kept getting rashes even thrush and we weren't breastfeeding him anymore. I was annoying how do I deal with this? We didn't have insurance at the time. I called his pediatrician for a prescription of nystatin. We filled it immediately. I had seen an ad for gdiapers online and was convinced because the flushable inserts they had, had less chemicals. I was thinking less chemicals less rashes. I was right so we had three gdiapers. I soon realized that the gdiaper inserts were more expensive than the disposable diapers we were using not by much but still with shipping costs it was much more expensive. That's when I seriously considered cloth. Considering that would be a big step because we didn't have a washer or dryer at the time and were using the ones in our apartment complex that were filled with detergent build up from many different detergents. I knew that cloth diapers wouldn't go over well in those washers because they'd take a few runs to get clean and hogging the washers and dryers never went well. Usually your clothes would end up sopping wet on the floor if you left them too long. Which I wasn't willing to do. So I figured I'd just hand wash them in the bath tub. Then we realized we were running out of money. Problem no money = no diapers on our son. So I bought a few bum genius diapers and some other inserts and was using them and hand washing right after removing them from Z's bottom and hanging them outside in the sun on our balcony. It worked just fine. It was a little gross. I touched more poop than I like to admit but his bottom was covered that's all that really mattered. His rashes were non-existant with cloth diapers which to me was worth the hand washing. Over time I started working and used my pay checks to buy diapers for Z. Then we found freecycle and someone on it that was willing to give us a washer and dryer if we could pick it up. I sent Joel to get them with my brother in law because he had a truck. I was thrilled our own washer and dryer for free! Eventually we stopped using gdiapers because they just didn't fit Z. Z has a really high rise (measurement from crotch to belly button) so diapers with not so high of a rise don't fit him well. Happy Heiny's quickly became a favorite for us because the pocket in them is HUGE and they have a really high rise (happy heiny's has since changed their diaper a bit the rise is about an inch lower and I do not love them as much now, they fit Ry great but he's teeny but the new style doesn't fit Z as well). We've had many many diapers sold ones we didn't like, I've even made quite a few diapers (because its so much more cost effective to do so, for the cost of one diaper I could make probably 4).

Stay tuned for part two of our adventures in cloth diapering


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  2. I love this and I'm excited to be following your adventures. I will begin my journey as well this month. I'm ordering the rest my CD over the weekend. Appreciate you sharing...your determination is awesome.

  3. Oh thanks. I'm not new to cloth though have been using it for about 2.5years. And I work for a diaper store.