Saturday, March 5, 2011

Undercover Mama Review

I was a little skeptical I have to admit about the undercover mama nursing tanks. I wasn't sure it'd fit on my bras or that it just wouldn't be quite right but wow
I was wrong this is my favorite nursing tank now. They've got lots of color options, gray, black, brown, cream, white, pink and nude.

above is a picture of my favorite gray tank!

They are long! I love that they are long. I've yet to find a tank other than this one that is long enough. I'm not tall or anything its just I'm a little pudgy in the belly and I want to be sure it says covered because my stretch marks need to be hidden from public view. Sure I'm proud of them because they show I carried two babies but NOT everyone needs to see them. Anyways back to these fantastic tank tops. They stretch and don't get stretched out. Did that make sense? They don't sag, they hold their shape. I've got a few different brands of nursing bras and they fit them all snugly so I don't have to worry about them coming unhooked or anything. I love the gray one I think its my favorite one. I'm actually wearing it right now i just had to put it on this morning because I love it so much. My friend Sharni the owner of The Nappy Shoppe has started to stock these per some curiosity from other customers of hers and because I suggested them to her. You should go check them out! The sizing for the shirts is below.


The sizing is meant to go with your bra size. I've also heard they are going to soon have an extra small for the petite moms. So if your thinking about nursing tanks but would prefer to spend the extra money and get great bras these are a great add on to your favorite nursing bra and they are priced wonderfully at $24.99 compared to other tanks I've bought that were around $50 just for one. So go get yours today what are you waiting for summer is coming soon!

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