Friday, April 29, 2011

The Day I Became Superwoman/Wonderwoman

Let me tell you about the day I became Superwoman. My son was just weeks old I left the house to work? Really to work? Yep! See I have this really great job that at that time allowed me to work out of a great friends home. I was figuring out how to get a newborn in a ringsling just right. If it didn't work I had my trusty pikkolo I could tuck him into if need be (that thing is foolproof I tell ya). There I am with my two boys. One asleep while I'm sure I was leaking milk through the two nursing pads I had in each side of my bra most likely all over his clothes and mine. My oldest son loves the serger. He would stand there for hours just watching the needles go up and down and side to side, watching the thread spin and the fabric move through the machine. He's loved watching since he was about six months old. That was the day I became Superwoman.

Then some would say I became Wonderwoman when I tried this out. Tandem babywearing (two pikkolos, what can I say we love them). I got on the scale while wearing them both and it said 200 pounds exactly. I've never weighed that much before so it was kinda cool. I got hugs from my kids at the exact same time. People called me Wonderwoman for "hurting my back like that". Those silly people they didn't know that doing that...the crazy thing...wearing TWO kids at the same time actually fixed my back. I rapidly lost weight after my youngest was born and it made my back hurt so bad like crippling. Wearing them both did put me over what I weighed while pregnant but it was closer wearing them both than only wearing one. I didn't do it too much, 30-60 minutes at the most. Enough for a good work out. It corrected my posture. I was forced to stand correctly. We enjoyed walking around looking at the trees and the lake.

I'm no Superwoman or Wonderwoman. I'm not doing anything insane, painful, courageous or daring by wearing both my kids at the same time. I'm doing what a good mother should do. I'm keeping my kids close and safe. I'm preventing my youngest from crying non stop (he's very high needs) and I'm keeping the sticks, rocks, bugs and worms out of my older sons mouth. Wearing your kids is like a hug whether you are wearing one or two it doesn't matter its still a hug. Its like a hybrid hug your arms won't fall asleep from the weight of them TOTAL PLUS! Sure its not "normal" whatever that is anyways. I'm lucky to have found comfortable carriers for my kids that hold them properly so they are comfortable too. Its so much better than the infantio 6-in-1 carrier that I bought at tjmaxx and promptly returned because it didnt even look fit to hold a doll let alone my child. Before you judge babywearing or look at me like I'm some hero with super strength put on a good carrier. Put on a safe carrier not a copy cat carrier like a bjorn or infantino. I'd recommend you consider a Pikkolo I've had one for 3 years and its my favorite carrier hands down. I could put it on in the dark. Other carries that I like are the beco gemini, boba, catbirdbaby mei tai, baby hawk mei tai, kozy mei tai, babyette gauze wraps, babyette basic, silk or water mesh ring slings. Hugs now go get your baby and you a comfortable sling PLEASE.


  1. Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing! I'm so looking forward to getting my Boba - maybe when I have two to carry I'll add a Pikkolo to the mix. :D

  2. I loved wearing my babies, but my son stopped liking it when he was about 1 and my daughter lasted a bit longer - 18 months. But I do remember that if I had a backpack on my back as well as a baby on the front, I definitely ended up with better posture.