Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Babywearing Collection

Pikkolo is my absolute favorite carrier so you'll see me in that a lot. Ry was really little in that picture.

Tandem babywearing with two pikkolos in this pic and the next.

Pikkolo while I did homework.

Catbird baby mei tai

Ring sling ;) babyette silk sling.

Babyette basic sling

Beco butterfly melody

Some sling off etsy that I hate but it's cool that I'm sewing.

Babyette water mesh sling.

Sleepy wrap

Gemini and boba.

Ergo and the obvious reason why I'm not a fan.

I don't have pictures of all of my carriers but I'll make a list here of all of them :)

Pikkolo I used to have two but sold one cuz I didn't need two.
Beco butterfly
Beco Gemini
Sleepy wrap
3babyette slings
1crappy ring sling that my son now wears dolls in
Catbird baby mei tai

Carriers I've tried and don't own are:
Baby hawk

I'm working on a video how to and review of all my carriers should be done by June.


  1. What a great post! Sooooo many carriers, I love it! Thank you!

  2. I'm jealous of your collection! I really look forward to your videos too. The sleepy wrap looks a lot like the moby...

  3. ZOMG I've met you outside teh Internetz!! Who'da thought the World Wide Web would be a small world! :P

    I bought my pikkolo from the Nappy Shoppe after trying yours on (and getting a hearty seal of approval from my little guy, who napped in it for AN HOUR while I played with diapers).


  4. HAI !!! thats so cool! :) off to stalk your blog now or something ;)