Friday, November 26, 2010

I've been busy

Well I've been busy. School is insane! I don't want to talk about school. What I do want to talk about is that my husband and I can barely get along sometimes and I always wonder if going back is the right decision. In my gut I know it is. I know that we need to be given a chance to make things work when we aren't having financial troubles.

The boys are doing well. Z has learned how to remove his pants and diaper when he doesn't want to sleep. Which means that sometimes his bed is covered in pee or poop when I go check on him which is so nasty. We got him some footy pajamas and it hasn't happened since we got them for him whew! So awesome to not have to clean pee out of his blankets and bed. Ry is growing although he is still a pipsqueak lol. He's taking after me with the blue eyes and he's just so teeny like I used to be. Makes me laugh because my dh always said he wanted a little Ashley well Ry is just that except he's a boy and I'm not. Ry is also doing better at sleeping with me away from him as long as I get him to sleep with me laying next to him. I think shortly after we are in Texas if we can get enough $ for Christmas to buy him a crib he will be sleeping at least part of the night in his own bed. Woo! very exciting. I'd love to be able to sleep just a little bit of the night taking up the majority of the bed.

In other news I got a van today! Ahh! I'm so excited. I flat out own a 2002 dodge grand caravan. It's mine its wonderful I'm so excited! Only bummer is the seatbelts don't lock which makes Ry's carseat a pain to install because we need to get ahold of a locking clip and haven't found one yet. Will search walmart tomorrow. If they don't have one I'll search babiesrus on Tuesday during my break at school. Only bummer is its RED. I told myself I'd never get a red car but yet that's what I got lol. It was the lowest mileage & price and the best deal.

I've been packing stuff up slowly and I'm hoping it all fits in the car with me and the kids! And Ry just woke up so I gotta go lay down.

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