Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Babywearing obsession

Um so you people who do reviews all the time make me jealous. You review a product and get to keep it and give one away. If I could review one thing it'd be babycarriers. I love babywearing. My youngest Ry screams when he's set down and I cannot handle it so I'm always wearing him. He's also teeny tiny for a 9mo he's prolly under 15lbs.

So about my obsession I have a sleepywrap that's ok. I don't love it but I don't hate it. There are definitely times id reach for that one first. Example we were in Indiana and it was really cold and I couldn't get him in the pikkolo quick enough so I tried the wrap and it went well but not ideal for my preferred type of carrier.

I have a ring sling from somewhere local here in Texas and I don't like it. The shoulder just sucks and its not wide enough and basically my 2yo wears his doll in it.

I have a ring sling from and its amazing. The shoulder is pleated and its wide and the tail is long enough. I love it! She makes specialty ones as well that are even more wonderful. I have a water sling from her as well its great.
Then onto my favorite carrier of all time that I have two of the catbird baby pikkolo. It's marvelous! I tandem both my kids in them. If I could have like 5 of them I would. It's the easiest carrier I've ever nursed in. I cannot nurse in an ergo its akward and uncomfortable to adjust the straps I've not tried any other ssc's.

But anyways I love babywearing. I'm not an expert by any means but I will always offer suggestions to anyone who wants them. And if anyone wants to lend me a beco or a babyhawk I'd love you forever.
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