Saturday, December 25, 2010

Its been a long day

Let's start with lastnight. After Z was in bed dh and I put together his present.

Its a train table. Dh did most of the work on it because I was holding Ry. Anyways then in the morning before dh left for work (yes on Christmas day I know *eyeroll*) we let Z open his present. He loved it.

I loved watching him play with it. He loved it so much. I wish it came with more track but we can add that later.

Dh made his usual stupid comments cuz he is always wanting me to feel bad for him. Surprised he hasn't realized that I don't work like that I am the ice queen.

When he returned we got ready for Christmas at my sister in laws house. It was fun. Met people with babies. One family we will call them the C family had two kids about the same age as my kids. And the H family had a sweet little girl who was just a few weeks old. It was fun for sure. The kids were all over. Inside and outside and on the trampoline even. Ry stayed attached to me the whole time. I found people in my family anyways aren't so grabby with him when he's in a sling.

In other news my father in law and his wife (not dh's mom) were wearing like native african clothes. Mind you dh and his fam are all white very white and FIL's wife is from Africa. Shes very different and scared and just doesn't seem to fit well with much of anyone. My SIL is moving out of her dads apartment for that reason. It was just weird to see them in so many bright colors all in one outfit. And seeing a white man with a mustache and glasses just didn't seem to fit with native African clothes.

The boys got some toys for Christmas. And we got some presents as well. We will have to make some exchanges but all is good. This was our first Christmas to have a tree which is nice. Anyways I'm rambling now cuz I'm tired. What did you do to celebrate Christmas? Any awkward moments?

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