Friday, December 3, 2010

An eventful day

Today was quite an eventful day. Woke up and had a great morning with my boys. They were both happy and giggly. We went to a place about 35 minutes away for me to get a massage thanks to my awesome mom. The massage was great. But when we started the car it was dead. While I was getting my massage my mom and boys were in the car listening to the radio. She left the lights on and the car wouldn't start. I called AAA and it took them forever to find where we were at and I gave them an exact address. It took a half hour for AAA to call me and say someone was on their way. It was over an hour after that before they got there. I told them we had two babies. It took so long. Not only that but AAA called someone in a town that's 30 mins away not from the town we were in.

Tomorrow we get the boys pictures taken tomorrow I'm excited!
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