Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've moved so many times.

This is probably the 7th time I've moved in the last 3 years. Crazy right? In order to get married or elope actually I had to drive solo from Michigan to North Carolina because dh was stationed there & he couldn't leave. So I packed up and left. It took me about 16hrs. I drove straight through. That was my first roadtrip. Then dh was deployed to Iraq when I was pregnant with Z so my mom flew from Michigan to Virginia because we have family there and I drove from NC to Virginia. It took about 3hrs. My mom drove the 16hrs from Virginia back to Michigan. I had Z in Michigan. Shortly after he was born dh returned from Iraq. Me, Z my sister and mom drove to NC in 2 vehicles to fit all the stuff. Dh had some stuff to finish for about a month in NC then we took a roadtrip using his leave time. We went to DC and NYC then Michigan for 2wks because dh hadn't met hardly any of my HUGE family. From there. Back to NC to pick up all our stuff in the uhaul. Then to St. Louis to visit his aunt which was a good stopping to rest point then onward to Texas. We lived together in Texas until shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Ry we ran out of $ and I packed up my car and drove to Michigan to live with my parents. I was in the first trimester at the time and Z was 1. When I moved out dh moved in with his dad & step mom & his sister. For thanksgiving dh and his dad & step Mom drove to st Louis which wasn't too far from Michigan. Far but certainly closer than Texas. I was called last minute seeing if id be willing to drive my pregnant self and Z to st Louis to visit dh. After that I returned to Texas with dh because he had a job promise. It fell through. I moved in with a good friend. Was supposed to just stay there for a month. It ended up being longer. Apparently finding a job is hard. Then moved into our own place shortly before my due date. Then dh had to go to Georgia for some National Guard training. He came back to get us to take us there a month later. We went to Georgia. The place we rented didn't have water. The previous tenant had illegally turned the water on so it was now locked until the landlord paid the balance. It took too long so dh went for housing on the base and me and the kids flew to Michigan. My parents sold their house a few months after we got there because of my dads transfer so we moved from Michigan to Indiana. And now I'm in the process of the most recent move. Am at the half way point in St. Louis. Tomorrow I drive to Texas.

In short I've moved a lot. Idk how many times to be sure but its been crazy hectic on us all. Pray dh can keep a job so I don't have to leave again.
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