Saturday, January 15, 2011


My dh has been working at Red Lobster lately which is ok but we aren't making enough to have extra money. We're making enough to barely make it but just not enough. So dh got a call yesterday from a company similar to the one he was laid off from a few months ago they offered him a job. Same pay essentially same job at a different location. We will have some extra money to pay off debt and some to save. This is such a blessing. Its in mesquite though which is kind of far away and I'm just kind of nervous because his job track record isn't the best but I'm praying this job sticks because we need it so so bad. I need to figure out how to make my babysitting job work because right now we are a one car family and dh will be making more money than I make. We're still waiting on our moving money which will be enough to buy him a small used car so he can get to work and I can do the same. So now I need to go think and think about how I'm going to make this work. It seems it's always up to me to make things work.

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