Friday, January 14, 2011

New Shoes

Z got some new shoes the other day. He desperately needed them he was walking all weird and couldn't run as fast as he could bare foot. So being the failure of a mother that I am I decided now was the time for new shoes. So we went to target. Upon arriving and realizing after we tried on some size 9 shoes that they were all about a half inch too big that maybe his shoes were too narrow and he needed wider shoes. Well they don't make kids shoes in the wide sizes at least not in his size and not at target. So finally I found a wide enough pair at least I hoped they were wide enough. We put them on his feet and miracle he liked them and they're cute. Now he can run really fast and he doesn't take his shoes off in the car as much which is a plus because I HATE fussing with his shoes when I'm trying to get him out of the car and into church/the store/back home. Its just annoying. So he likes his new shoes and so do we. Yay Target. I haven't shopped at Target that much in the last few years but the way that you all on twitter rave about it makes me feel like hey maybe I need to give Target a chance. What was your favorite Target experience? I'm curious to know.

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