Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sick of hearing he's small

Don't you hate it when people tell you that your child is small? That something is wrong? It hurts when they ask you if you feed your child? or if you starve your child so they'll stay small forever. I hate these comments. I hate them so bad. Today in Whole Foods I was asked if I starved my child to keep him small forever. I said no, then literally ran away crying. I found the bathroom and cried for a good ten minutes. Are you kidding me why are people so insensitive. Ry is ten months old. He weighs about 14-15 pounds. He's small. He's boney. He's just like his father. My husband is 130 pounds. I'm about 155 (yes OMG I just shared my weight, I don't really care). My 2.5yo is about 33pounds. The doctors we've seen haven't been worried. They suggested formula so I could track how much he was eating but I declined. Can't afford the stuff and really do not need it and don't want it. I know he's eating enough. This kid eats so much food its insane. He's a lot like his father in this aspect. My dh can eat like its his job and gain no weight. Hmm I see a pattern. Like father like son. Z must take after me because he was small at first then a chunker. Cool. So I have one normal looking child and one child that is healthy, meeting milestones, happy, playful, talkative, and a good sleeper that just happens to be skinny. You can see his ribs a bit and his spine when he leans forward. I'm so so so over hearing he looks unhealthy or starved. Those comments hurt me as a mother. Don't you realize I freak out about this every single day. I've tried to make him fat. He eats great food. He loves whole fat yogurt, avocados, blueberries, bananas, squash, chicken, turkey, pasta, pears, carrots, peas, broccoli and more. This kid eats his food and then some food off my plate. He LOVES food. He wets so much. Seriously this kid can pee like you would not believe. I have to overstuff his diapers sometimes because he just pees so much. And after all that he's still small. He's just small. He is 10mo 14-15pounds and that's fine so STOP bugging me about it because I'm already bugging myself enough about it the rude comments are more than I can handle. I shouldn't be running away from people crying because they cannot hold their tongues.


  1. That's terrible that people would say things like that to you. I think many people just say whatever comes first to their minds, unfortunately, rather than, you know, thinking about it first. Oh, well! We had the opposite situation, of a huuuuge kid (30 pounds by 6 months), and everyone wanted to know what we were feeding him. Um, breastmilk.

    Your son sounds like my little brother — his pediatrician was worried till we ate over at their house one night (he was friends with my dad), and he saw that my brother ate his son, the same age but chunky, under the table. Kids are different sizes, and that's perfectly normal. Good for you for refusing formula and giving him healthy foods. Try to ignore the annoying people.

    I'm here from the blog hop! Joining at the last minute, but thanks for co-hosting!

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I believe I already follow your blog I'll check and if not I'll follow.

  3. I'm so sorry. People can be such asshats sometimes. My youngest is pretty tiny too. He didn't hit 20lbs until about 16mths. He's a perfectly healthy kiddo, just little. Hang in there. *hugs*

  4. I've had that before, with my son. He was just small, now at aged 5, he still is, but perfectly in proportion to how he was born :)

  5. I have a chunkier kiddo and a small kiddo and have had comments on both of their sizes. The unthinking "she's SO small!" comments are really upsetting sometimes, and it sounds like you've gotten a lot of really rude people! So sorry!

  6. Holy cow! I cannot believe someone would say that to you! What kind of person would think that a mother was actually starving her child? **Hugs**

    --Natalie (Cloth diapering with a sense of responsibility . . . and a sense of humor).