Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thirsties Duo Fitted Review

This diaper is new out on the market. I was instantly drawn to it because we love Thirsties. I got mine from The Nappy Shoppe. Every other Thirsties diaper we've tried we have loved. They have a duo pocket diaper which like this one you don't have to remove the insert before washing it'll come out itself in the wash because the diaper has a pocket opening in the front and back. This diaper comes in adorable colors the ocean blue is my favorite!

 We tested this diaper out for a few weeks at nighttime and during the day. During the day we didn't add an insert just used the diaper and a cover over it. Thirsties also has covers that work wonderfully over this diaper.They even have new prints for the covers which are adorable.

 Anyways back on track to the duo fitted diaper. During day time we didn't add anything and it worked great and my son can soak an insert quick and we had no leaks with this diaper. For night time we added an all bamboo gflapper and had no leaks. This diaper holds poop as well as a monsoon of pee. I'm very impressed because I nurse my son about three times during the night and don't change his diaper Not even close to having a leak. This diaper comes in snaps or velcro depending on what your preference is. It also has two sizes. It also has snaps that adjust the rise on the size one and size two diapers for a better fit. 
The size one fits from 6-18lbs which is about 0-9mos (although my son is 10mo and 14lbs and fits a size one with room to grow. The size two fits from 18-40lbs which is about 9-36+mos.

Please check out my video and see how this amazing diaper works.


  1. Great review! What video editing program are you using? It's nice!

  2. Thanks, glad you like it. I actually made the whole thing on my ipod touch. Videoed it and everything. If I had more room on my ipod I could have made the video larger but I don't so it was smallish. It was imovie. $4.99 app. I LOVE it!