Friday, January 7, 2011

We Love Happy Heiny

The Happy Heiny cloth diapers were some of the first we have ever used. They have been a great nighttime diaper because they can be huge but I've found they can fit my youngest well too. Z weighs 30lbs at 2.5yo. Ry weighs 13.5lbs at 9mo. They both fit well in a Happy Heiny cloth diaper. They have a multitude of colors and many many prints as well. Our favorites are the cow, silly monkeys and the ooga booga diapers. Their lime green diaper is also amazing. They even make a mini sized diaper now that fits from 5-15lbs and we have a few of those. I like those as well. Ry was 5.5lbs at birth and we tried these when we got home and they fit pretty good. They are a great diaper to consider if you are going to use cloth. So what you've been waiting for the cute baby pictures of course.

This is the silly monkey print it's adorable.

He's so teeny yes I know his brother was like that too.

Making fart noises.

More fart noises.

Hey can I touch the camera.

I am not posing for this.

Big brother wanted in on the action.

So Happy Heinys are great and we love them and we buy our Happy Heinys from the Nappy Shoppe there is a link to the Happy Heinys here you should check them out.

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  1. Hey I am following via More Followers Monday. Your kids are adorable.