Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Babyette rocks

Okay so my journey into ring slings started with the over padded nojo sling with the closed tail. Or the over the shoulder baby holder. Lol. It was huge and I couldn't ever figure it out. My second ring sling was way too small it never felt secure. My third ring sling was a babyette sling. The shoulder is wonderful how it's pleated. So naturally my fourth and fifth ring slings are from babyette as well. A water mesh sling and a silk sling. The water sling was used a lot when Ry wouldnt let me shower so he just went in with me lol. The silk sling we just got it's black. I will use it for dressy occasions like church or if my green basic sling completely clashes with my outfit which happens sometimes. Or I'll wear the black silk sling because it's gorgeous.

I took the pics myself with my phone so they aren't the best but you get the idea. We like it. In the last pic he was mad because I kept trying to tickle him and he was so over it. We love babyette. Beth the creative force (per her business card) is so sweet. I had the honor of meeting her when I was still living with my parents in Indiana. She runs a super fun babywearing group. So check out her etsy store here and her actual website here and see how awesome her slings and wraps are.

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