Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weehuggers cloth diapers

Ry was given a weehugger from a great friend Sharni from The Nappy Shoppe for Christmas. Ry is teeny tiny. He has been ever since he was born at 5.5lbs. Ry is now about 13.5lbs and Sharni picked perfectly he fits in the size one wee hugger just right with room to grow. Here are some pictures of his royal cuteness.

Isn't he too cute? We took the pics first thing in the morning after taking his pajamas off and changing his diaper. My bed made a good photo spot. Anyways back on track the weehugger. I put an insert we have in it and it fits great. The guitar print won my husband over because he plays the guitar and it's super cute. My favorite type of diapers are this style the all in two style because I sew and have made myself inserts but every cover I've made has failed miserably. I could make more pocket diapers but I prefer this method. Please check out the weehuggers at The Nappy Shoppe my favorite cloth diaper store.

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