Monday, February 14, 2011

I missed you.

It's been a while since I've actually written something. I've wanted to write I really have but things come up. Crying babies, having to eat, needing a shower because body odor has gotten the best of me. It's been nuts here lately. Z is the champ at throwing some epic temper tantrums. I wish he could explain why he's upset instead of throwing himself to the floor. I have found a way to stop the tantrum dead in its tracks though. I wear him. Doesn't matter what sling really but wearing him versus just holding him does make a difference. Just holding him he is still wiggly and kicks me and it frustrates us both so much more. When I wear him though its like a full body hug. he can kick but it doesn't hurt anyone because he's just kicking air. He can try and lean back but in the mei tai he just can't get far enough back to make much of a difference which I like. So he caves in and the tantrum stops. I usually continue to wear him until he asks to get down never lasts more than a half hour and I can handle his 35 pounds for a half hour that's do able for sure.

Then there is Ry. He's getting another tooth ya the 5th one. This one is by far the roughest one. It isn't involving as much biting as the others but he just cries sometimes when we go to feed him baby food or solids and no amount of teething tablets or tylenol make it better. So there were a few days where he just didn't eat much he just nursed A LOT. I think because of this teething debacle Ry has started to boycott baby food. He doesn't want the mashed up crap anymore he wants real food. Like off my plate food. Hmm, guess I need to start watching what I eat a little more closely. The other night when we had pizza ya Ry did too and I was like umm duh need some veggies or something up in here for the kiddo and oh um really I probably need them too. My Mom did always bug me to eat them and I just had the light bulb moment. Oh hey maybe I need them too! So Mom, if you're reading which you probably are yes I will eat more veggies you win. Ry has started to enjoy cut up peaches, apples, bananas, ravioli, cheerios, applesauce with cinnamon (yum), squash, chicken, the list could go on forever this kid LOVES food. Yet he is teensy tiny STILL. Kid has a high metabolism. Must burn off calories rolling around on the floor. Shaking toys around and balancing standing next to the couch. Oh oh and he loves jumping. Maybe that is where all the fat goes. Who know's really. He's like my dh in that aspect neither one has much fat on them at all. Z on the other hand he is taking after me...poor kiddo at least your rolls will be snuggly hhehehe. Ok that was kinda gross sorry.

So we've been MIA for a while sorry. I'm still here just getting a little overwhelmed with blogging and don't seem to have a solid group of twitter friends anymore that I talk to daily which makes me a little sad. :( But I still love you xoxo Happy Valentines Day!

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