Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quiet...ya right!

Its quiet here today, really quiet. Which is quite amazing considering we were up about every 90 minutes with Ry last night. The tooth thats next to his big tooth in the center is the culprit. He would wake up and just cry and cry. He'd latch on and then unlatch. I'm assuming his latch is changing because of the new tooth which I myself haven't noticed. He's not biting as much with this tooth but he just latches on and off and on and off. I feel so bad for him. Last night we did a combo of teething tablets and tylenol because the teething tablets themselves weren't lasting long enough for him to fall asleep. I passed him to dh a few times because I was just ready to lose it. Dealing with an unconsolable child drives me bonkers. I did get him to fall asleep in the sling a for a while but he woke up when I sat down. It was approaching midnight I was tired standing so my son could sleep wasn't an option. So we moved to bed and he slept for a bit but not long enough for my liking. Upon his waking we switched to the other side to nurse and he just cried and cried. So I handed him to dh and said here change his diaper and his clothes maybe something is itching him or bothering him. While he did this I took a teeny tiny nap. Then he passed him back to me and he fell asleep after some latching and unlatching fun and some smacking me in the face, probably because he hurt. Poor kiddo. We did this a few times last night. I didn't pass him to dh every time cuz I didn't want to make him mad but holy cow if this happens again tonight I'm not going to be a happy camper. But for now watching yo gabba gabba and some mickey mouse club house (the favorite shows here, their choice not mine) we are all doing ok and happy and talking to the tv and playing with toys. Its NUTS! but for now its quiet. shhh...


  1. I know how you feel, been there PLENTY of times. E is cutting a molar now:-/ It will eventually get better. hang in there!!