Saturday, February 26, 2011

Top 5 Complaints

I'm sitting here trying to write a post something meaningful something that you'd want to read but nothing but complaints are coming to mind and that is making me upset that all I have for you is complaints so here goes how about the first 5 complaints that come to mind I'll write about. Ooh so interesting. Probably not really.

1. When my husband takes my car and says he will be right back he isn't back until like 2-3 hours later most times. You'd think I wouldn't care but alas its MY car not his and I hate it when people are late it drives me batty so I sit here fuming mad while he has my car. Grr.

2. More than one poopy diaper per kid per day. Now that both kids are on solids like adult food not even baby food their poopy diapers are discusting and usually they have like a poop day where they just poop and poop all day long and its so gross and on those days our apartment just smells like poop and because of that I have no appetite because of the overpowering poop smell and none of it is even left over because it gets flushed and none is left to sit on the diapers in the pail because come on that would be gross. And we don't throw poop in the trash because that's illegal and nasty and it would get into the water system and the idea of drinking poop makes me gag. (people even if you use disposables you are supposed to flush the poop).

3. When I actually cook something good and no one wants to eat it. I'm not a cook. I despise cooking actually. Its doing the dishes that I LOATHE. If I didn't have to do any dishes and the meals I wanted to prepare took 45mins max I'd cook all the time but its not a reliable thing to ask my husband to do the dishes. Sometimes he does them sometimes he doesn't and waking to dirty dishes in the kitchen makes me so mad cuz if we leave food out we have ants or worse...roaches. That's apartment living for you. GROSS.

4. Dirty clothes on the floor annoy me. If I have moved the hamper to the laundry room/closet because I'm doing laundry throwing your dirty clothes on the floor is not acceptable put them in the hamper in the bathroom or walk to the laundry room and put them there. We have a teensy apartment its not that hard. Seriously clothes on the floor makes my blood boil. So do shoes but that's a whole different story.

5. Shoes left on the floor randomly is not ok why? because I almost always trip on them while carrying a child or Z trips on them I do not want to trip on your shoes. The closet is only a few steps further than where you leave them just put them in there. Heck even leaving them on the floor in the closet that leaving them on the floor on my side of the bed. Also...why my side leave them on your own dang side.

Wow that feels so much better getting that out there. Also I'm a bit embarrassed at how long this post is. Maybe I will do a once a week complaining post to see what really is annoying me lately. Also stay tuned Weehuggers Cloth diapers review and giveaway due to post tomorrow or Monday hopefully!

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