Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beco butterfly2 I don't like it.

I was skeptical about the beco butterfly (the purple carrier) it's got this internal insert that I guess makes it easier for people who aren't comfortable with babywearing. Or people who need to transfer baby in carrier from one parent to another without removing baby from the carrier. That sounds like a great idea. You'd think it would work wonderfully and be quick and great like all the other carriers but it is not. It took me twice as long to get it on. Because I have to put the carrier on myself then put the baby in and it's just too slow for my liking. I'm sure it would be great for tandem babywearing if you wanted to put the back baby on first which I think is easier because you could have this buckled already. Other than cuteness I think that's the only thing I like about it. It's soft, durable, strong. Can handle my 35lb son easily. I just personally do not like the extra work. With an infant I'm sure this carrier is amazing because it has an infant insert that comes with it. And I can breastfeeding this carrier by simply loosening the straps and adjusting it to either the left or right. The inner y panel was great at keeping drool on the carrier instead of my clothes. I found this carrier extremely hard to adjust to use with more than one kid. If I adjusted it for Ry it was off for Z but if I adjusted it for Z then Ry had way too much room and was bonking his face into the buckles which are placed right where the baby is eye level at. This carrier needs drool pads or something to keep it safe. I also dislike a carrier that has that chest clip that I have to buckle behind my back it makes it very awkward to get it on and I've pulled a muscle getting it on before much like other carriers like the ergo. It's a carrier that I'd prefer for back carries only but it specializes in small babies which would mean a front carry would be preferred. I know quite a few people love this carrier but I just can't. Sorry.

Here is Z in the butterfly. He's 35lbs maybe more.

We were jumping to make him giggle.

Here is Ry in the butterfly he was 13lbs when the pic was taken.

Here we are nursing him in the butterfly

He's asleep on my back here.

Another one of Z on my back.

This was the first time I put him on my back. The straps attaching the outside panel to the inner y panel are hard to adjust hence the crookedness.


  1. I wasn't a fan of the beco butterfly. I ended up selling it.

  2. I liked the Gemini much better that review will be coming soon. I need to try it out little more to be sure.