Monday, March 28, 2011

How many times can a diaper be repaired?

First off I should say that the diapers that I have repaired more than once have been to hell and back when we lived with my parents. They had hard water and an HE washer that beat the crap out of my diapers. Well my kids diapers. I don't wear diapers. Heh. Anyways. I have some tiny tush diapers and some happy heiny diapers that are standing the test of time. They certainly don't need a facelift their pul is just fine they do however need a tummy tuck aka they need their elastic replaced and some need new Velcro. Not all elastic is created equally. But these diapers we've had since the beginning there are about 9 of them. They have been repaired twice now and are still going. They are three years old. I repaired them a little early the first time to prepare for my youngest to be using them with his older brother. I wanted them to be fresh and ready to handle another kid. I just repaired them again a year after they had initially been repaired. I'd say that's pretty good for what they've been through. I had to do so many extra washes and rinses when we lived with my parents that it was so hard on the diapers. Now because we have an old school washer and our water isn't quite as hard washing is easier on them. That being said I don't mind repairing diapers if you cannot sew or are a newbie let me know I can try and walk you through it or repair them myself. I can almost hear the ka-Ching in my head after I repair one it's like wow this thing has already been used long enough to pay for itself now it's just working overtime. Yeah! So what's the most times you've repaired a diaper or had one repaired?

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