Friday, March 4, 2011

He finally will take a cup!

Ry is so finicky about certain things like drinking from something other than my boob. He would take a bottle and sometimes a sippy cup when I was doing a semester of college but as soon as that stopped and I was home all the time he stopped doing that. I got him a straw cup just hoping that he would take it. He did accidentally suck some water out of my straw cup so I was hopeful. He doesn't so much like cows milk out of it but half juice half water he is a fan of so I'm giving him as much of that as he wants in-between nursing sessions. He drank 8.5oz of juice-water today. I'm so excited. Although now instead of a heavy wetter I'm sure he will be a heavy heavy wetter. Lol oh well. I can handle that. Yay cloth diapers. He also enjoyed oatmeal and then some sweet potato fries and a breadstick dipped in marinara sauce today for dinner. Random I know but it was a mix of me and dh's dinner and Z's dinner. The sweet potato fries were a huge hit. Both kids loved them. Enjoy the pics.

Oh oh and that outfit. Size 12mo. My guess it runs small cuz he's small but hey I like that and yes I'm gonna brag about it. He fits in some clothes that are 3-6. Most of his clothes are 6-9 but it's a great mix. There are a few 12mo things in his closet though :)

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