Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why do I like ai2 type diapers?

If you look at my cloth diaper stash you'll notice that we have quite a few grovia and sweet pea ai3 (which I consider an ai2) and weehugger and otter blotter diapers. Well having two kids in diapers means a lot of laundry I like ai2 diapers because the cover is reusable as long as it doesn't stink or get poop on it so for Ry who doesn't ever get poop on a cover it works well inserts themselves take up less room in my pail than a pocket diaper so more room is a plus in my opinion. Z will get poop on a cover if he poops in it so it's not as convenient for him but if we are going out and I take a sweet pea ai3 the cover and insert fits both of my kids so I can take a cover and a few inserts and know that we will be set. Its great. I prefer ai2 diapers also because its easier to get the poop off an insert than a pocket diaper. I can spray or dunk (shudder) just the insert easier than the cover or pocket diaper. They just tend to be more convenient for me maybe they aren't your favorite and thats ok because there are many different styles of diapers. Which is good because grovia for example I cannot use on my oldest son he pees too much at one time and they leak every time but sweet pea diapers don't leak on him. Ry my youngest is a heavy wetter but doesn't pee all at one so he rarely leaks out a diaper but he can soak an insert. I like weehuggers because they are adorable and fit both my boys really well. Their snaps are great and their Velcro is very sticky as well. Out of my ai2 diapers my favorites would be the sweet pea ones because they are one size and they fit my 14lb son and my 35lb son one with thick legs and a high rise and the other with chicken legs and a Buddha belly. My other favorite is weehuggers because they are so gosh dang adorable.

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