Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whats in my diaper stash?

I've been asked numerous times when working what kind of diapers do I have? What diapers do my kids actually use? Do I really like the diaper I'm trying to sell you or am I just saying it to sell it?

I have tons of diapers. Too many diapers. I've been lucky to trade for diapers quite a few times and inserts and other things. I had made quite a few diapers that currently don't fit either of my kids as they were a 3mo size and a 24mo size and neither of my kids fit into those currently so they are put away. Only counting the diapers that currently fit my kids we have enough for 140 diaper changes. Holy cow! They aren't all photographed because some are in the dryer and our pail is full ready to go in the washer and a handful of them are sitting without elastic and Velcro waiting to be repaired.

This is the top drawer on the left otter blotter inserts that I use in weehuggers and tuck and go diapers. Then some otter blotter multiple size inserts that I use in a otter blotter cover. Then grovia/grobaby inserts and then two rows of sweet pea inserts. Whew. Out of breath yet?

This is the second drawer which is the depth of two drawers so there is a lot of stuff in here the two left rows are all pocket diapers the pile with the black diaper is diapers that you don't have to remove the insert before tossing in the pail because they are either aio diapers or ones with a pocket on each end so the insert comes out on it's own. The pile with the purple cover is night time diapers usually fitteds. The pile under the blue diaper is my diapers with snap in inserts like otter blotter or grovia diapers. The owl pile is my weehugger pile and the pile with the green diaper is my sweet pea ai3 pile. To the right is a large stack of sweet pea inserts I love them lots.

These are Z's diapers his drawer is lacking because the diapers I'm repairing are his. She shares the sweet pea ai3 diapers with Ry that were kept in the previous drawer. I made the two light blue and the one light green diaper that you see in the picture.

The diapers on the left are night time diapers they are booroi and tuck and go diapers. Then his weehuggers are there as well and some extra inserts on the right.

Bottom drawer is wet bags, pail liners, wipes and socks are under all that as well as bibs. I don't keep things folded because this drawer is always getting emptied by Z he is so helpful, not!

So that's a portion of our stash it's missing a good 20 diapers out of the stuff that fits but you get an idea at least of what we use. If your curious about my opinion about a certain diaper please let me know I will answer honestly.


  1. How do you feel about GroBaby / GroVia? These were the first diapers I bought, and I still like them for daytime pees, but find soft stools are so difficult to clean.

  2. I think the covers are ok I don't love them. Their snap placement on the inserts kind of sucks. The inserts stain easily which bothers some a lot but not me I can deal with stains. If I use my diaper sprayer poop comes off just fine but shaking poop off them is near impossible. My oldest can pee through them in an hour my youngest could wear one with a doubler overnight. They are ok I don't LOVE them but I don't hate them. They are definitely one I will use only on my youngest though.

  3. Which are your favorite day time and night time diapers?

  4. Ooh good question it actually depends on which one of my kids as to what my favorite is. For my two year old I prefer something like a booroi cover or a tuck and go cover by monkey doodlez with two all bamboo gflappers. My oldest can pee like a hydrant so it's bulky but so worth dry sheets. As for my youngest he doesn't pee quite as much. So for him a thirsties duo fitted diaper with an all bamboo gflapper for stuffing and I like the wonder wrap covers that sadly they don't make anymore but my new favorite covert is the sweet pea covers. You need a cover with a nice high rise for night time diapers that are huge and a sweet pea cover can handle those for us. :) thanks for asking.