Friday, April 15, 2011

Hand Washing Diapers with Washing Soda

So this whole using flats thing for a week and hand washing has got me thinking. I need to get my hands on some washing soda. Why you ask? Washing soda changes the PH of the water making detergent more effective and also easier to rinse out. I'm gonna say that is very important for hand washing because it would be really easy to get build up on your diapers and doing rinse upon rinse while hand washing is not easy. I've been told washing soda can be found at Kroger and Home Depot. I have yet to look so I could be wrong. The same company that makes the "popular" brand of baking soda makes the washing soda just so you know what your looking for. You might want to consider adding a tbsp to your wash cycle if your hand washing. I've been told that it is very similar/the same thing as RLR which is what I currently use to strip our diapers once a month or as needed. I'll try stripping our diapers in it and let you know how it goes. Have you ever used washing soda? If so what for? How did it work?

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