Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Excited For the Flats Challenge

We are taking the flats challenge soon. I'm practicing now of course I like to be prepared especially if its something I have to use exclusively for a week and hand wash in my bathtub or sink. We officially have two snappis now yay! It was annoying to have only one because I was wanting to put a flat on both boys at the same time and couldn't unless I just folded it and laid it in the cover which I didn't want to do because knowing my kids thats when they would have an explosive poop and get poop on the cover which annoys me to no end :) . Anyways so yay for two snappis. After washing our flats (organic GMD size large) I've noticed those things give off so much lint. It's either those or the prefolds from GMD that are giving off the lint. I don't know for sure because they both arrived at the same time and thats when the lint abundance started. I'm really excited about this flats challenge. Why do you ask? Our washing machine just decided to start LEAKING EVERYWHERE!!! I've got the gross microfiber inserts that I don't like laying on the floor around it to sop up the water (all they are good for in my mind boo hiss microfiber) Anyways hopefully we can either swing a new one very soon or we will be hand washing everything. Uh ya about that. I've been there done that before. We started out with no washer or dryer luckily were given them and they've lasted for like three years which is amazing and wonderful for something that was free! Our dryer is still working however it does take two cycles to get anything dry which is kind of a bummer but I think what I'm going to start doing is air drying most things and then tossing them in the dryer for 10 minutes to save on our electricity bill a little...maybe...if I remember. Anyways I'm debating on how I will wash our flats during the challenge. Do I do it in the bath tub like I used to when we only had six cloth diapers and I had to hand wash after each change? or do I get the 5 gallon bucket find some way to poke a hole in it to put our plunger in that I will clean very well before it is repurposed to wash diapers and possibly clothes if our washing machine doesn't get replaced soon. Random thought if any washing machine company wants me to review one and I get to keep it I'd love you forever and be loyal forever :) hehe like that's gonna happen. Goodness I'm great at getting off task tonight. So I already know what we will be using for detergent, what we always use. Soap nuts. I've debated on using the soap nut liquid by boiling them down or just using the soap nuts themselves. I know if I am handwashing I will be using luke warm to cold water for most of it as my hands cannot tolerate HOT water that long (like I said been there done that) so if I make the soap nut liquid I won't have to worry about enough soap being used on my diapers. What do you think I should do? Seriously I'm looking forward to your opinions. Do I need to find a 5 gallon bucket and use my plunger. I suppose I could use our diaper pail that we already have and our plunger that we already have although I can guarantee I'd get splashed with icky water. hmm that idea doesn't sound so good, guess I'll hunt for a bucket.

If you are curious about flats go here and see different ways to fold them.

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