Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reusing disposable diapers. Really?!

I saw the article recently posted talking about how people were having to leave their kids in diapers longer than they should and even cleaning out and reusing disposable diapers I became really sad and then angry. These disposable diaper companies diss cloth and make it sound disgusting but because of their high prices people are actually doing unhealthy things to their kids by leaving them in a diaper too long or reusing a disposable diaper. Before we started using cloth I thought it was gross to use reusable diapers but now that has changed. My diapers are clean. If you asked me to lick one that I took straight out of the dryer after it had been washed and dried sure I'd do it. However if you rinsed out a disposable diaper and dried it there is no way I'd lick it. I wouldn't even allow it in my home. I myself cannot afford disposable diapers. I can't afford all the rash cream that I'd need to keep my kids rash free while wearing them. I also cannot afford all the migraine medicine I'd have to take from smelling them in my home. If you are having a hard time affording diapers please consider using cloth. The only time I have ever had to touch poop is when we hand washed because we didn't have a washer or dryer. We switched to cloth diapers because my husband was with out a job. I didn't know how we were going to keep my sons bottom covered. I knew he was too young at 5 months to be forced into potty training so we went to cloth and I was willing to hand wash them. There was no way I was going to leave my son in a diaper longer than 3 hours no matter what type of diaper. It was a god send even though it was sometimes a pain to hand wash cloth diapers we had that extra $30 per week to spend on things like food or gas or even a date. Cloth diapers can be done extremely cheap by buying flour sack cloths. I believe walmart has them 4 for $4 which is so cheap! Thats the cheapest I've ever seen any diaper related insert or anything. Only downfall is you have to fold it up but its not that hard. A flat because its so thin will wash and dry easily and quickly. Cloth diapers can also be very expensive there are some brands that are very fancy. I like to call them gourmet diapers so maybe those aren't for the person who can't afford disposable diapers but at least they are a one time purchase that will pay for themselves and then some. If you cannot afford your disposable diapers and want to make the switch to cloth please let me know I would love to help you pick out what you need to diaper your baby without having to reuse a diaper that was made to be used once or to keep your baby in a diaper too long which isn't healthy.

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  1. If it is the same article in response to the hand washing flats challenge I too was/am in disbelief. My heart breaks. I want to do something. This is just not right.