Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm only 23 cut me some slack

Okay let's get real here I just turned 23. I essentially am still a child that was forced into adulthood (if that's even a thing) when I had my first son. I was 20 when he was born. Most people at age 20 are drunk and in college. I've never been drunk and college well...I'm working on it. It'll get done eventually there has been a priority switch. Anyways the reason I am so yelly, ranty, rude, complainyish and just generally annoying is because in my head sometimes I'm still a kid. So when people get annoying or are just plain stupid themselves I just cannot help but to point it out. Most 23 year olds are graduating from college and just starting to actually fend for themselves. Sure everyones experience is different so I can't group everyone together fairly but c'mon I'm 23 I don't give much advice to people because I don't feel like I have the wisdom to do so yet but I am literally obsessed with a few things. My kids and their safety, babywearing and cloth diapers. When it comes to that stuff believe me I know my shit. So when I say a bjorn or infantino carrier is crap I just MIGHT know what I'm talking about just maybe a little. When I tell you it's not ok to take advice from someone who has never worn a baby in their life or who has only tried one type of sling years or may months ago why would you pick on me for telling you not to take advice from someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. You aren't going to walk into best buy and ask them for babywearing tips are you? So why would you defend your Grandma who has never worn a sling or why would you defend a store employee who can't even manage to get the sling off the mannequin for you to try on when they pull babywearing advice out of their butt. Seriously this is your kids safety we are talking about here!!!! Make sure the people giving you advice know what they are doing before you put your baby in danger doing what they say. So yes I'm sorry that I'm just 23 and I can't be nice all the time but I am who I am and seriously stop defending the people who don't know nothing!!!! Grrr!!!!!! This isn't my first rodeo I've been babywearing for three years. I own maybe 12 carrier I've tried 15ish different brands I'm not stupid when it comes to babywearing. You wanna call me out on my grammar goooo for it! I'm horrible with it! :)


  1. You go girl! I love getting baby advice from people that know nothing. I just smile & nod. Being 23 or 37 (my age) doesn't make a difference. People are always going to spout off shit that is totally untrue & make you crazy(er). Venting to the internet is a great way to let some of it go. Or stabbing people. But that gets messy. :)

  2. Oh my goodness I think your my new favorite person. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Whew.