Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More thoughts about church

I believe in God I suppose I should clarify that. I don't like the mega churches here. I can't find one where I feel welcomed, accepted or listened too. My first visit to our church we had to register the kids. We registered both kids even though I knew we probably wouldn't put Ry into the play room for quite some time. Z loves it so that was a non issue. My issue was when the lady invaded our personal space when she reached in the sling and put a sticker on Ry's back. Maybe I'm weird but I think before you touch someone's child unless you are saving their life or protecting them from danger you ask before you touch them. She said now you have it just incase you need it. I just shrugged it off but honestly it bothers me. If my wishes that my child not go into the kids room rare ignored and a sticker is placed onto his back without my ok it makes me not trust the kind of care he would get if placed into the baby room. Would they ignore my wishes again and do something else I was not ok with. I don't want to chance it so he doesn't go in the kids room we sit in church until the singing stops then go to the nursing moms room and he plays there. I have to admit that is why I have no desire to go. I don't trust a church to properly care for my kids for the hour that we are there. sigh.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I mean to reach into a sling that takes some used to carry my son in a sling to put a sticker on them that you didn't want takes some ummm balls. I wouldn't be going back there myself.