Friday, January 21, 2011

Boys will be boys

I love my boys. Z is obsessed with cars. He loves them. He spends his days watching them go by out the window or playing with his toy cars. He will even skip a meal just to play with cars. Personally I don't get it but I love watching him. Wondering what's going through his head. He's so into it. So focused on what his cars can do.

Ry is a completely different story. He takes whatever he can get. He has swiped a full glass of water onto the floor many times. Pushed papers to the floor and even my glasses. He takes whatever he can get because normally Z will snatch anything Ry has. So Ry isn't picky when it comes to toys. He loves them all. His favorite is digging toys out of a bucket. Essentially emptying it. When he's done I fill it and it's party time all over again. It's quite awesome.

There is no swaying them though. Let's say I want to color with Z. Ya that's not going to happen if he doesn't want to move from what he's doing. Boys will be boys.

And if I want to maybe walk ten feet to the bathroom Ry somehow knows and fusses. I swear he has a tracking device on me that sets off an alarm in his head when I'm more than a few feet away. Boys will be boys.

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