Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Shoes

I got me some summer shoes today. Umm for starters I love it when things are on sale. Its hard to resist a sale. All my shoes that fit well and don't rub my feet raw are more like fall/winter shoes. They consist of two pair of clogs and a pair of ugg wannabes from old navy. Anyways I have a love for flats that cover my toes. 1 because my feet are ugly. Well I kinda think all feet are ugly but I especially hate mine. 2 i rarely remember to keep my toe nails trimmed and painted. Its just something I do not care about so why start now. I showed dh and his comment is they look the same. Umm no they do not. One clearly has a bow on it. One pair is more grey and the other brown. Both do have the same worn appearance but what they have that most shoes don't is that they fit my feet and they are comfortable. No red marks left on my feet, no blisters, no ouch every step I take. I'm one of those people who think that fashion shouldn't hurt. I'm not that fashionable anyways, but I do love me some comfy shoes. So if you see me sporting me new digs even though they aren't that flashy its a big deal for me and I feel flashy.

They totally look different. Not much though hehe. The gray ones are my favorite but I needed a brown pair to match some church clothes if I ever decide to wear something other than a pair of jeans and a black shirt to church.

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