Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sister has braces and is driving what?!

Okay so my sister is significantly younger than me and I like it because I can live vicariously through her hehe. She's in high school and finally got braces! hehehe. I don't know if I should tease her about it or cheer her on. I chose to cheer her on because those things HURT in the beginning oh my goodness. I am very happy for her though I remember when she used to beg for braces. It's understandable though because she wants them on, off and over with. I had braces for 5 years my orthodontist was slower than molasses. He did help me with my science homework once or twice but still c'mon 5 years LAME. To even the score I did bite them a few times so I guess we are even. Nah! Who am I kidding 5 years of my life! lol

Anyways..... I got a text from my sister today she said that she drove 25mph. I had to giggle. I remember when I got in my parents mini van with my dad and we drove to the end of our street and turned around in my friends driveway. I think I drove maybe 10mph to start with and eventually got around to 25mph. I remember how fast it felt how scared I was to be in control of a vehicle. I was driving this dangerous thing that I was in control of but I couldn't control all the other cars. To not be in control of everything is hard on me. What can I say I'm a control freak. I'm very excited to hear my sister is driving she is growing up to be an amazing person. I'm so proud of her. I want her to know that more than anything she doesn't ever have to try and be someone shes not. The people who really love her will love her for who she is and not make her be someone she's not. Here's a picture of her with her awesome braces she's so PRETTY! I'm probably going to get a text the next time she reads my blog yelling at me to pull the pic down so please comment and tell her she's pretty and give her words of encouragement.

I love my little sister :) and my hair is quickly catching up to hers I think she has 3-4 inches on me. idk if I can handle my hair being that long though that would be nuts.


  1. Seriously adorable and she can totally pull off braces. Who would even notice them when your that gorgeous?!

  2. I know for real right! She is gorgeous!

  3. awh thanks and i love you too big sissy<3