Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Haven't been to church in a while

We haven't been to church in a while. I think I'm just sick of explaining why I'm so sad. I'm tired of explaining that we are struggling through everything. I don't like explaining why I wear my son in a sling or why we cloth diaper at church or why I'm STILL breastfeeding. Church is church. I shouldn't have to defend myself or feel guilty for the situation we are in when I'm at church. I don't feel welcome there. We know very few people. Church has become a place where we go sometimes that we take Z so he can play with some other kids. Thats it. I'm over it.


  1. :( too bad for them. I do all those things at church too, no one cares, no one has talked to me about it. Heck I even nurse IN the chapel, because the mothers lounge sucks. If she is only wet I change her there, or in class instead of the bathroom. I nurse in class...

  2. I'm so sorry your church is like that :*( I wouldn't want to go if I was treated that way, either. I also nurse in the chapel or wherever I happen to be and no one has even looked at me funny. I actually work the nursery every other Sunday so I don't really have to worry about CD issues, although they didn't have a problem with them before I worked there. I hope you are able to find a friendlier church so you don't have to feel this way anymore.

  3. Thats part of the problem with living on the bible belt. Churches are like Malls here its crazy. They are over crowded and so fancy I feel like when I walk in with jeans on I'm sinning. I dont have money for nice fancy clothes to wear to church I need clothes that are functional that I can be a mommy in. I'm too paranoid to put Rylan in the nursery because the last time I put him in the nursery (it was at a different church mind you) they let him scream for 15-20 minutes before coming to get me when I said to come get me as soon as he started because he would likely want to nurse as he's not good at being away from me I just wanted to test it out but it DID NOT WORK I could hear my son from quite a ways away through walls and doors shut screaming during the service I could hear him over the pastor talking. They got a very angry letter from me.

  4. There are smaller (not-mall-like) churches around, but it is hard to find one that's a fit for you. I lucked out, finding my church after just a few awkward Sunday mornings (I'd invite you to my church, but it's in Arlington. That's quite a drive for you!)

    I nurse in church (during the Maundy Thursday service, I was nursing when I went up to take Communion! I was wearing a cover, though) and wear RJ in a sling (one of the things I looked forward to once I had MY baby was NOT EVER bringing the horrible car seat in to church, like all the other moms). The only comments I've gotten so far are, "Hey, that's cool! He looks so comfy in there!"

    It sucks that you have not found that support at your church. Those mega-churches scare me (we went to one once where they gave you a BAR CODE when you dropped your kid off in the nursery. A BAR CODE. I guess if you lost the sticker with the BAR CODE, you did't get to take your kid home!) Maybe you can find a smaller church with nicer people?